Mingyur Rinpoche

It’s Possible To Meditate Anytime, Anywhere

In an interview with Huffington Post Tibetan Buddhist master Mingyur Rinpoche wanted to set straight a lot of misconceptions about meditation. The biggest fallacy being that people mistakenly assume that one has to quiet the mind for an extended period of time in order for someone to reap the benefits of meditation.

In truth, anyone ha the ability to practice meditation anytime, anywhere. The important thing is that one focuses on what is happening inside one's head. Instead of resisting the mind to wander so that one is having a difficult time actually meditating caused by “unwanted” thoughts and emotions, Rinpoche suggests that one observes this phenomenon and see it as what he calls the “monkey mind,” the source of the constant internal “chattering.”

A simple but effective way to handle this is by being mindful and aware of one's breathing, focusing on the inhalation, the holding of the breath within, and the eventual exhalation of the breath held in for some counts. Even though thoughts and emotions creep up once in a while, you are still meditating and with practice and diligence, the chatter and emotional distraction will minimize and eventually fade, taming the monkey mind finally.

“As long as you don't forget your breath as you inhale, hold the breath and exhale, everything will be ok, according to Rinpoche. “You do not need too much concentration. Just simply be aware of your breath.”

Watch the video below where Mr. Rinpoche explains in simple terms what Tibetan meditation is and how to work with “monkey mind:”

Video courtesy of What Meditation Really Is.

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