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Apparently, I Am Not Good At Meditation Because I Have A Monkey Mind

July 21, 2016 – 8:59PM

I just took this test about what my issues are with regard to the practice and discipline of meditation. I said that the aspect I am having the most difficulty on is concentrating on meditation and apparently, lack of focus in the practice is what gurus call having a monkey mind.

To deal with this, I have enrolled in the class offered by MindValley and OM Harmonics, “Meditation Mastery.” I will record my experience with the course in the hope that it will help me get better at meditation. I really need this as I believe it can help me focus and in general, help me deal with my issues mental health-wise.

I have always longed to be good at meditation because I have read so many scientific and anecdotal references to the benefits of meditation.

In the short term, I expect for meditation to help me with my depression, anxiety and anger issues, and also, I expect that my health will also be benefited by the practice of meditation as science has shown that meditation is helpful to people with hypertension and other physical ailments.

The video below is the “diagnosis” I got from the test that I took:

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